Your First Day of CrossFit

DSC 0168When you first walk into CrossFit MASS, you might think someone is going to hand you a two hundred pound barbell and tell you to ‘get after it!’, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
The first thing we have everyone do is sit with a coach for a few minutes and chat.
We want to know where you’re coming from, what your past workout history is like and if you have anything going on that needs to be taken into account before we begin down the path towards your goals.
Next, (this might even be another day) we start moving. Working one on one with a coach you’ll begin by learning the basic body weight exercises that comprise our workouts. Movements like the squat, push-up and sit-up. These may seem simple on the surface, but doing them correctly, in the beginning, will help you avoid injury and lay the foundation for long-term success.
Not only will your coach show you how to perform theses safely and efficiently, but they’ll take the time to explain the benefits of each movement, and why each needs to be executed in a particular manner.
About 40 minutes in you’ll have covered five core movement patterns. Your coach will then take three of these exercises and combine them into a ten-minute, self-paced workout that will not only challenge you but reinforce the new movement patterns you and your coach have just created.
After you’ve completed the workout, it’s time for a cool down.
Every class at CrossFit MASS finishes with some stretching and mobility, and your first session no exception.
For most people, this format will repeat for another five meetings, which will include integration into the main class or more personal training if they wish to continue working one on one with a coach.
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