We're All Human.

Some days we feel like we’re the absolute best versions of ourselves: we understand how man made it to the moon, invented the automobile and cured polio. We walk with our heads a little higher, and feeling invincible, we find ourselves in the gym. Every movement is in our wheelhouse. We are fire breathers.
Other days, we wonder how we’ll get out of bed, function at our jobs, or even blow our own nose. Yet somehow we make our way to the gym and find ourselves looking at a list of movements which seem impossible, weights which seem unmovable, and a workout which seems insurmountable.
What do these two sorts of days have in common: your ego. Your ego can get you hurt either by writing checks your body can’t cash or making you doubt yourself in critical moments of a movement you usually have no problems with. It’s important to temper every day at the gym with both confidence and humility, paying attention to how you feel. Be mindful of how proper sleep and recovery, nutrition, and stress mitigation all work towards your health. Not only are they critical aspects of your health, without them you will not get optimal results at the gym.
Think of sleep as your body’s opportunity to reconcile your account. It gets to process your thoughts, both good and bad, work on repairing physical ailments without other physical stress in action and is a forced time-out to reset and prepare for the next day.
_dsc0193Your diet is the fuel for the vehicle that is your body. Every cell in your body is made up of what you’ve eaten. Just like your car, your body has a recommended list of fuels that lead to improved (or sometimes reduced) performance.
Work stress. Family stress. Commuter stress. Overscheduled stress. These aren’t new or news. The biggest stress in your life may be one you haven’t thought about: working out. Yes, exercise is actually a stress to your body. Psychologically, you may appreciate the exertion and find the cortisol and endorphins rewarding, but ultimately those reactions are a stress to your body.
If you’re having the Fire Breathing Day, the stress of working out may make you feel like the ultimate victor. When you’re having the dysfunctional day, realize you may not be able to break through to that psychological relief.
We’re coaches but to be our most successful we need your best version of you. Let us know how you’re feeling, eating, and resting. Together, we’re working on a long-term plan to ensure your health, and we want to be there to make every day in the gym the best effort for that particular day.