Press 9 x 3
“Shoulder Overload” 95lb / 65lb
Shoulder Press to failure, immediately Push Press to failure, then immediately Push Jerk to failure. Once you rack or drop the bar you are finished.
Multiply your Presses by 5, your Push Presses by 3 and your Push Jerks by 1.
Your score is your is the total of these numbers.
Rest 5 minutes then:
Take 50% of your max Floor press from Wednesday and using Dumbbells perform a 3 set ‘Repetition Max’ circuit.
45lb Plate rows ‘Repetiton Max’ circuit.
Complete 3 rounds of the following:
Sprinters 10
V-ups 10
Hip Thrusts 10
Toe touches 10
Rest 60 seconds between rounds
Post score and loads to comments.