The opens are over! Now what?

The 2017 CrossFit Opens season has come and gone. The Thursday night excitement over Dave Castro slowly piecing together these challenging workouts are done. We saw dumbbells for the first time along with classic movements that recur every year. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
But wait!
With the workouts still fresh in your mind, ask yourself – which ones did you like the most or the least? What movement held you back and which movement were you completely prepared for?
If you want to improve for the 2018 season, the time to start is now. Just like our ’test week’, the Opens is a way you put your training to the test and see how you perform with a worldwide community. Some movements are a staple during this season, but we also know at least one workout is repeated from the year before to see how your performance has changed. This could be an increase in reps or a better time.
Now is a time for reflection on this experience.
Were you prepared for that one or couple movements because you have been working on it all year?
Write down your experience and efforts throughout the five workouts. What you lifted for weights and scaling, what tripped you up or you flew through, and how you were feeling. All of this is data you can use to your advantage to increase performance a better mental space.
Once you have journaled your experience, you can use that to help you set a goal, short term or long term for the next season. Some goals may require you to go through a progression, but through that, you will see results in you taking one step closer to accomplishing what you set out for.
Talk to a coach today on how you can get started for 2018.
Pay close attention to your workout data as well!
Click here on why it’s important to track your numbers and log workouts.