Murph in 40 minutes

Murph in 40 minutes – Let’s Break it Down 15Murph (2 of 18)
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run
Even our slowest runners easily finish a  400m (quarter mile) run in 2 minutes or less. Multiply that by 4 to cover a mile and your at 8. Add in some time to tie your shoes, chase a butterfly or smell some roses and you’re at about 10 for good measure. That leaves you about 20 mins to get the body weight exercises done – perfectly attainable.
Should I Scale and How Should I Do It?
Performed as prescribed, Murph is the same amount of work as 20 rounds of Cindy. If you look back at the last time we did Cindy and you got 20 round or more, our ‘Black’ scaling is your jam.
Blue scaling is 80 pull-ups, 160 push-ups and 240 squats – working out to be 16 rounds. Starting and ending with a half mile of running.
Green scaling is 60 pull-ups, 120 push-ups and and 180 squats – matching 12 rounds of Cindy.  Starting and ending with a half mile of running. If you’re doing Murph with a partner (and it’s not their first day), you should probably be doing black. You’re only looking at 10 rounds of work with built in rest.
Writing all this out green with a partner is 6 rounds of Cindy spread over 20 mins, or 3 rounds every 10 mins. How slow does that sound when you say it out loud?
Our goal for this next Monday is to have everyone finish between 35-45 minutes.
Chris Spealler does the workout with a vest in 35:10. So if you’ve found a way to do this in less than 35 mins you’re either headed to the games or slackin’…

Regardless of the scaling option you ultimately choose – we’re looking forward to a great workout and a rewarding “refreshment” after.  See you there!

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  1. Alex Molinari

    Dear Joe, we (Daniel and I ) would like to do the Murph on the 26th , how can we proceed ? can we do the registration on line?
    Thank you
    Alex Molinari