Sleep, dammit!

Yeah, you know you’re not getting enough.

I’ve posted here before about things like Cumulative Cognitive Dysfunction.
Sound scary? Well it should. This is what happens to ALL of us when we don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis. And it’s sneaky too. Because it’s your cognitive ability that’s being impaired, you don’t notice anything’s wrong. But it is.

Getting less than seven hours a night? Congratulations! You now have a three times higher risk of getting a cold than if you’re getting eight hours or more. And how about this: in an article published in Sleep, the team concluded that every lost hour of sleep is associated with a discrete increase in BMI. Read more in The Healing Power of Sleep.

Having trouble getting back into a regular sleep cycle?
The gang over at LifeHacker has a neat trick. Check out Reset Your Sleep Cycle with a 16-Hour Fast.

Head on over Byers Get’s Diesel where she gets Serious about Sleep.

J-Mac doing it right.