Hey everyone, its go JB here to talk to you today about progress. How do you know if you’re getting better? I want to talk to you about different ways to track your progress or talk to your coach about your progress. 

This all started when I was Facebook browsing, and I got a memory of a lift I had done a couple of years ago. And I thought to myself, “Wow! that was a pretty good lift”. But now I’m doing even better. 

So how are you keeping track of your progress? So I love when people video themselves because it shows progress over time. You can post to social media to hold yourself accountable and show others what you’re doing. But then you have a moment like mine where it pops up as a memory, and you think to yourself, “I’ve come pretty far”. 

Another way you can keep track of yourself is by putting notes in your true coach or whatever fitness app you’re using. So if you keep track, write down your weights, write down any notes that you have whether or not something felt difficult or easy, you can look back on that if you’re repeating an exercise or just trying to figure out what to do for that exercise for the day based on previous knowledge. Looking back on notes can make a really big impact on the workout you’re about to do. Or if you’re feeling down and out about your progress.

Another thing you can do is talk to your coach. We can see from an outside perspective how you’ve been doing. We can look back at your program and do your monthly consults. We love to talk about how far you’ve come or where you want to go. It’s a big deal for your training trajectory and just connecting with a human and celebrating the wins. 

So try those out. Let me know how it goes. Hey guys, thanks again for listening. If you liked what you heard, subscribe, drop us a like, head over to iTunes, and give us five stars—got questions? Email Joe at CrossFit We’re always happy to help.

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