You didn’t sign up for this

Nobody did. 
Nobody asked to ‘shelter at home’ for weeks on end.  
Nobody asked to wash their hands 27 times an hour. 
Nobody asked to tie little scraps of paper to their faces.

Or get laid off.
Or close their business.
Or avoid family and friends for weeks on end.
Or any number of other disruptions that the ‘Great Pause’ of 2020 has dropped in our laps. 

(And if you live in and around the Merrimack Valley, you certainly didn’t ask Columbia Gas to firebomb your neighborhood on September 13, 2018. The effect of which the area is still dealing with)

The unfortunate truth is things like this happen to people every day. And like it or not, it comes with being alive. The next thing to happen might be global, or it might be incredibly personal. 

The question is not what happens, but how do we react to it? 

And how will your behavior during these times be remembered?

Life goes on. 

The question is, have you already started?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Joe Venuti