Tracking your Numbers

You come into the gym 3, 4, maybe even 5 times a week, warm up, do your lifts, and dsc_0021_1-300x198-1complete your workout. You put your work in
an hour each visit, then go about your day. How do you know if you’re improving? Do you track your numbers and workouts?
If not, there’s a handful of reasons why it is beneficial to keep your data.

1. You can see the difference in progressions over a period of time.
It’s great to see your progress in movements and weight as time goes on. It’s humbling to see where you’ve started and amazing to see the things you can now do that seemed out of reach weeks ago.

2. Motivation is found and a goal is formed.
Maybe you see a pattern in your training. There’s a certain movement or weight that gets you every time. You feel stuck. Yes, the initial emotion can be frustration. Out of that experience can bloom motivation to work towards a tangible goal and break through what seems impossible.

3. It’s easier for a coach to help you with your goal.
So now you have a goal, have put some work into it, but can’t seem to take it to the next level. When you take your data to a coach, it is so much easier for them to look at what you’ve been doing and suggest other ways to go about it.

4. We often work off of percentages with lifts.
During certain cycles, we use a percentage of your max lift. This can also be done with a 3 rep, 5 rep, or 7 rep max – but the numbers are needed in order to make the calculation. If you’re not sure and make a guess as to what your number could be and calculate the percentage off of that, chances are you’re not getting in the workload we’re aiming for.

Don’t worry if you have not been keeping track, because we’ve got your back. Our gym subscribes to SugarWoD. This service makes tracking your workouts and progress so much easier and at no cost to you (we pay for it). Just download SugarWoD to your phone, select CrossFit Mass as your home gym and you’re ready to go!