Nutritional Consult Prep

Hey everyone, it’s coach AB here to talk to you about how to get the most out of a nutritional consult with your coach. So here at CrossFit mass, we do have a monthly consult option. And you can focus on whatever you want for that half hour with your coach. 

But for this video, I want to make sure that we focus on how to get the most out of a nutritional focused consult. So I’d like to lay out items that are ideally prepared and sent to your coach beforehand. So we can sit down and look at the data and really come up with some solutions or suggestions. Again, if it’s given on the day off that’s fine, too. We can come up with some stuff after but this is all great if you can do it beforehand. 

So the first is a current body scan. If you have not done a current in-body scan that takes about five minutes, it gives us really good data points on your basal metabolic rate shows us change in muscle mass, and really can see some suggestions we can make their own maybe increase in calories. So an in-body scan is a really great way to just do a check-in with your body and your coach. 

The second is a food log. However, it is easier for you to get two to three days of food logs. It is crucial because we can’t make suggestions if we don’t know what you’re in taking already. If you decide that taking pictures on iPhone is better than keeping them in an album, or if you go right into my fitness pal, we can see a little bit more of that nutritional breakdown. Whatever is easy, but I will say don’t change anything. Okay, there’s no judgment here. We just want to make sure we have a good platform to make suggestions. 

The third would be a list of items one to two that you struggle with nutritionally. Once you’ve pretty much identified yourself, what areas you need help in those are areas that you probably need the most help and or are ready to use for change. 

Okay, we’re just here to support and provide any support that you may need. And the fourth is just having a sense of patients. Change needs time. So having a good amount of patients from console to console is a huge factor for these as well. So gather these items and talk to your coach.