How To Warm-Up For a 1 Rep Max

We’re here to talk about how to warm up for a one-rep max, mainly if you’ve never done a one-rep max before. When coaches went ahead and cleared you, it’s a test kind of day, and you got the green light to go for it; here’s one way you can try to warm up for.  


You can get a reference for one-rep max, which you have never done before. Look back in your training logs, and look for something. In this case, we’re using one of my clients’ numbers; they recently did a seven RM of 205. So what I’m going to do that data is after they’ve got their general warmup done, and under the bar, they’re going to do ten reps at 135. Easy, brings their breath up, get satisfied, and start going, then they’re going to jump to 155. For eight, when eighty-five for six. Now we’re back to that 205 for 184. We’re not pushing it to seven; it’s about half a little more than their best. And then, finally, these are all relatively easy sets. 

As the time goes on, there’s probably no rest between these first two or three, and it’s just how long it took you to load the bar. Now you’re rested maybe a minute or two between these four and two before you’re on to your singles. 

So in the case of this person right here today, the most they’ve ever lifted on a backstroke was two or five for seven a couple of weeks ago; and then we progressed through a series of three singles, and they hit 235, 255 and 265 for their final spotless, swift personal record. 

That was a great win for them today. It looked good, but that’s how we came up with those numbers. I found that one number, and then I pyramided it up. You don’t have to do an exact pyramid, but it was perfect in the case of somebody that’s never done an RM before, and it got him warmed up fast.