Get the Most out of Your Meals

Hey guys, it’s Coach AB here.
I’m here to tell you how to get the most out of your meals or make your food work better for you. The main focus is how we can help get digestion started and the most nutrients out of the food you’re intaking. 

With many of these tips, I want you to remember we’re trying to get you into a parasympathetic state versus a sympathetic state. 
Sympathetic is fight or flight – which means that the food you’re eating is going right through you with the least amount of absorption possible. 
The parasympathetic state is rest and digest. You’re sitting down, having a meal, your body has time to break that food down and get the most for you. 
I want you to take these into account today, tomorrow, as they’re very easy to implement. 
#1 – Sit down and smell your food!
This simple act kicks off your digestion process.
The saliva in the mouth, letting everything released in the stomach, breaks down the food. That way, you also get to enjoy it for a second. 
#2 The magic of lemon juice. 
Next time you have a salad, veggies, or any leafy greens – squeeze some lemon juice on it! 
This helps with nutrient absorption, specifically iron. (looking at you ladies).
#3 – Slow down! Chew your food. 
It is recommended that you chew at least 25 to 30 times. Yes it seems like a lot. However, it does help in the process of breaking down your food making it easier in the digestive process to get those nutrients from the food.
#4 Have a screen-free meal. 
It doesn’t have to be for every meal, but just try to make one meal screen-free. This tip specifically creates more awareness.  Paying attention to Chewing your food, slowing down, and smelling it, listening to your body & hunger cues. 
We’re all guilty of working through lunch, and it is where parasympathetic also happens; we’re stressed and trying to get work done or turning on that new Netflix show and just vegging out and eating after a long, stressful day at work.
The big deal here is just to make sure you are you that parasympathetic state (ready to rest and digest) and listening to hunger cues at that point as well. It means that you’re not mindlessly eating, so when you feel full, you stop. 
All of these are very easy to implement at any meal you choose in the future.
Go ahead and try each out!