Do The Work!

There’s only one way to really fail – by
It’s easy for you to walk away and tell yourself that something challenging is “not for you” and move on to something else.  Go ahead – keep making excuses.  But if you’re honest with yourself, it’s still quitting.
How about instead coming in, moving the dirt and paying your dues?  If you keep chipping away at it you will actually see progress.
Yes — it may be painfully slow.  It may feel like an insurmountable hill.   It may even seem non-existent.  But if you’re persistent and put in the work, one day with no warning everything will click and BOOM!  A plateau is shattered.
And here’s a tip – stop worrying about the guy next to you.  Find your own pile of dirt and move it.
You think you have it bad?   Look closer at young baseball players trying to get to the “show.”   These guys grind 162 games a year on top of additional practice all while typically traveling on a bus and sleeping in random hotels.  Don’t forget the amount of work put in during the offseason and spring training.
Former third baseman for the Red Sox, Mike Lowell would come off the field after a bad at bat and shout in the dugout, “Push-Push-Push, Grind-Grind-Grind.”  We can relate to that.
Push and Grind.  
Stop worrying about having a good workout or a bad workout, just workout.
Stop making excuses. Excuse are for people that need them.  No one wants to hear them, including you.  Show up and do the work.