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Fighting Winter Dehydration

When we think about the winter here in New England, we don’t necessarily think about dehydration.  In the winter months we don’t really have all those cues we have in the summertime or the spring where we are sweating. Even if it’s winter time, we are losing moisture through our layers, through movement here in the gym. You need to make sure that we’re not just relying on thirst cues for when we’re thirsty (a dry mouth for example), because most of the time that’s when it’s just a little too late. Staying hydrated has a bunch of …

Squatting like your life depends on it (hint: it does)

Whether you’re looking to improve performance on the field, ice or even on a bike squatting is an indispensable skill. The ability to move through this pattern is not only an important enhancer to any performance related activity. It’s a critical component to extending health span, pushing out the margins of decrepitude and maintaining functional independence. Simply put as long as an individual can navigate the triangle of getting out of bed, to the bathroom, then the kitchen and back to the bedroom they will remain ‘functionally independent’. Why then do we often hear how ‘bad’ squats are …

How To Get Motivated

Pro-level athletes are not more motivated than you are. Olympic athletes don’t just “want it more.”  The best CrossFitter in your gym has the same struggles with the motivation that you do. Then what’s the difference? They know how to get motivated (and what to do when they don’t feeling it at all.)  Ask anyone at the highest levels of fitness: sometimes they don’t feel like working out. And those folks with ripped abs? They want a slice of cake. So why do they workout anyway? Why do they stick to their meal plan when things get tough? …

5 Tips to Escape Office Snack Attacks

Coach AB here from CrossFit MASS to talk to you about surviving the office when people bring in temptations. You’re back in the office Monday morning making an effort to bring your lunch and stay on track to reach your health goals. But people are bringing in snacks, treats, and things that they’re trying to get out of their own house after a weekend get together. This can be a pitfall when these food choices are in your environment and wearing down your willpower. The truth about snacks is… Snacks are more calorically dense. If you are continuously snacking …

How to build a better athlete in the gym

I want to talk to you about why it’s important for younger athletes or just athletes in general to utilize Olympic style weight lifts in their training. When we are olympic weightlifting, what’s happening is we are starting with the bar on the floor and then we are getting that bar to our chest or overhead. How we do that is we’re creating force, a hard force through the ground, reaching triple extension at our knees, hips, and ankles. We develop that power by going against the resistance of a load (barbell or similar) and exploding that load …

Everyday Avocado Recipe

Eating Avocado is a great way to get in your daily fat intake – but it may start to feel a little repetitive after a while.  Why not dress it up a bit and enjoy your avocado in a different way?All it takes is a couple ingredients you already have and a few minutes.This recipe is great with your breakfast bacon, on salads, or for a dip! “Everyday Avocado”Prep time: <2 minutes /  Serves: 2 Ingredients:1 ripe avocado (squishy on the outside skin)Lemon Juice or Lime Juice (fresh is great, but bottled is fine too)Sea SaltPepperGreen Onion Steps: …

2 things you can do to avoid ACL tears

The ACL is the most common ligament that gets torn in athletes, specifically younger athletes with 70% of these injuries being non-contact.  ACL injuries happen typically when we are jumping and landing, when we are sprinting and stopping or when we are  changing direction rapidly.  How it happens: When we are landing or cutting in any certain direction, we see that knee cave in. When the knee caves in, the hip also caves in and the ankle will cave in.  This landing is flexing the knee forward  and closer to my midline than my ankle, which pushes the …

The 8 Benefits of Cooking for Yourself

It’s Coach Alessandra here to talk to you today about some benefits of cooking for yourself.  Yes, it seems like some great feat to put some plan into cooking as well as take the time to do it and not to mention the cleanup, right? But there are a ton of benefits to being able to cook a meal for yourself or for others. Number one: is to learn to cook.Some people might find cooking to be a bit intimidating. What you can do to overcome that intimidation factor is to just learn basic skills. You can find information …

3 things you’re probably doing wrong when you snatch.

Today I want to talk about the three most prevalent problems that coaches see in the snatch. Those being hips rising too fast in the beginning, pulling too early with our arms, and poor hip extension. Problem 1: Our hips rise too fast Even with a beautiful setup, if the hips shoot up before they should it causes issues. What happens is it pushes all my weight forward and the bar ends up too far away from me. A great cue that we can use to correct this movement is to not think about first pull as a …

Holiday Survival Guide 2019

Coach AB here to talk to you about some survival tips this holiday season. So as we know, Thanksgiving is this week, let’s talk about some tricks to take with you during Thanksgiving on visits with family and friends. Tip 1: Healthy Pregame Meal Make healthy choices earlier on in the day before you go to these visits. Make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast if, say, you’re meeting with friends and family midday to later in the evening. You wouldn’t go to the grocery store hungry would you? Tip 2: Three, portion sizes.  Portion sizes can …

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