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How to get the most out of coaching.

It’s time to hit the gym. Training bag in hand, water bottle filled to stay hydrated, shoes laced and ready to go. But how is your attitude today? Are you coachable? The dictionary defines coachable as – capable of being taught or trained to do something better. Our job as coaches is to communicate with you on how to make a movement more successful, keep you safe, and challenge you more. You, as the athlete, walking in with a preconceived notion of the workout – whether you’re going to kill it, or suffer the whole time – limits …

Lyme Time!

Nothing is worse than a summer flu. Everyone else is out enjoying the sun and warm weather. You’re trapped in your house. Your joints hurt and seem swollen. You don’t have an appetite? And the headache? Oh good grief, the headache. It hurts to breathe. You’ve got both a fever and chills. And it lingers. Maybe it’s just that bug that went around at the office? Maybe it’s Lyme disease? Nah, you don’t have a bulls-eye rash. We’re often told about the bulls-eye rash being THE symptom of Lyme disease but actual bulls-eye rashes only present in about …

Your First Day of CrossFit

When you first walk into CrossFit MASS, you might think someone is going to hand you a two hundred pound barbell and tell you to ‘get after it!’, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The first thing we have everyone do is sit with a coach for a few minutes and chat. We want to know where you’re coming from, what your past workout history is like and if you have anything going on that needs to be taken into account before we begin down the path towards your goals. Next, (this might even be another …

The opens are over! Now what?

The 2017 CrossFit Opens season has come and gone. The Thursday night excitement over Dave Castro slowly piecing together these challenging workouts are done. We saw dumbbells for the first time along with classic movements that recur every year. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. But wait! With the workouts still fresh in your mind, ask yourself – which ones did you like the most or the least? What movement held you back and which movement were you completely prepared for? If you want to improve for the 2018 season, the time to start is now. Just like …

Exhaustion: How to avoid overtraining

In the last article, we talk about G.A.S and how properly managed stress leads to adaptation. We also touch on how if you have too much stress without the proper recovery it can lead to exhaustion. We want to avoid exhaustion in training whenever possible. Prolonged time in this state can cause strength to stagnate or even decline. Worst, it can lead a breakdown or injury. So how do we know if we’re overtraining? Here are a few ways people have found over the years. HRV – heart-rate variability HRV is a measure of the time gap between …

You 'S.A.I.D.' 'G.A.S'

People often get in stuck in the notion that the thought “the more work I do, the better I’ll get.” This, unfortunately, is not entirely true. “The more work you can fully recover from, the better you become.” is far closer to the truth. You see the real benefits of the work you do in the gym come from your body (and minds) ability to recover and adapt from to it. In any sports training (or physical rehabilitation), the SAID principle asserts that the human body adapts specifically to imposed demands. In other words, given stressors (Lifting, WoDs) …


How do you decide what your training should look like?   I was having a discussion with my coach a few days ago and the topic of ‘values’ surfaced. What was important to me. What were my goals and how could we achieve them via training and lifestyle habits? After some thought, my current value set revolves less around a specific set of movements or numeric goal, like a 500-pound deadlift or a strict L-muscle-up. No, my objectives at the moment are less quantifiable than that. I currently place a premium on how I feel, both physically and …

Tackling a Tabata

So you’ve just finished your first Tabata workout. It was a mash-up of Dumbbell Squat Cleans (DBSC) and Sit-ups (SU). You pushed hard and got a great sweat, but now you’re wondering what to do with all these numbers! First things first. You want to record your totals for each exercise and then add them to for your overall score. Now when you come back to this workout in the future, you’ll know whether you’ve improved or not. But how can we leverage this data to help enhance our scores moving forward? First, we need to look at …

Vitamin D

“…lack of Vitamin D is linked with poor bone health, but new studies suggest that milder deficiency may also be linked to asthma, some cancers, and diabetes.” Running a gym I get asked all the time about what supplements are best. The answer is ‘it depends’. It depends on who you are, what’s going on in your life and what your goals are. In the end, there are two supplements almost everyone needs to consider. Fish oil and Vitamin D. I strongly encourage all you to look into both of these and find out what your needs are. …

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