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A Simple Tip For Recovery

Hey everyone, it’s coach AB here to talk to you today about some tips in recovery you may not have thought about.  So a little bit of storytime.    I was walking around during my floor hours, and I connected with one of our member’s here that was confused as to why she was super sore all the time after split squats.   We went through the laundry list of things we ask people sometimes.   How are you sleeping? Are you working out too much?  Or how are you eating? “I’m eating fine; I’m working out three …

Where should my weight be when I’m deadlifting?

“Where should my weight be when I’m deadlifting? In my heels? “ No, I don’t want your weight in your heels when you’re deadlifting. I like your weight on your mid-foot. Unfortunately, what you see is that many people are very quad dominant, so they’ll roll up onto their toes. You’ll often hear the coaching cue, “weight on your heels,” when they’re just trying to get you back to your midfoot.  What does that look like? You want a flat foot with the weight just behind the ball of the foot. Pressure plate analysis shows that the …

Steve Lefebvre Testimonial

Achieving a healthy lifestyle starts with establishing a routine. However, it’s easy to get discouraged and give up when you can’t see immediate results. It’s hard enough to get up the motivation to work out once, let alone consistently. The key is knowing what motivates you and your personal goals, then working towards achieving them!  Just like Steve, his biggest challenge was sticking with the workout routine on a consistent basis day to day. After he joined CrossFit Mass, it definitely helped him stay motivated to keep showing up, feeling better and just improving every aspect of his …

Breathing Method for Relaxation

Breathing is a natural process that we all do, but most of us don’t think about it. How often do you take the time to breathe deeply and slowly? Breathing is an essential part of life, so let’s make sure we’re doing it correctly! It is one technique that teaches us how to use our breath effectively to reduce stress and tension. This blog post will introduce breathing methods for relaxation that can be applied in any situation. The technique is very simple and allows you to relax while remaining alert. It can be done at any time …

The 4/6 Breath for Relaxation

I want to talk today about a breathing method I’ve been using for some time now. I’ve been using it so long that I forget where it originated.  The technique is very simple and allows you to become calm but remain alert. It can be done anywhere at any time and is perfectly safe.   I refer to it as the 4/6 breath because of the timing involved. Simple inhale thru your nose on a slow count of 4. Pause briefly, then exhale through your nose or mouth on a slow count of 6 and pause again.  …

Are you happy? 🙂

Are you happy? Are you where you want to be with your health? Are you where you want to be financially? Are you going through the motions each day, unsure of your purpose? Are you supported by others when you’re struggling? Are you only supported by others when things are going well? Are you looking forward to the next 5, 10, 20 years of your life? If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, I encourage you to look around at the people you spend your time with. Your time is your most expensive asset. Your mind …

Stay Hydrated During a Heat Wave

Let’s talk about how to hydrated and on track with nutrition and provide some resources if you are not prepared with some of these items. Hydration – Your water hydration levels for the day started yesterday. But here’s a couple ways to stay hydrated because if you only drink water when you’re thirsty – it’s a bit too late. – Start your day with a tall glass of water – preferably room temp.– If you don’t find yourself reaching for water – set a timer on your phone and take a swig – Increase veggie and fruit intake!**Fun …

Maggie had a very specific goal.

Prepare herself for the Massachusetts Firefighter Physical Ability Test. Maggie recapped how she did on her test and found so much more than just a program. “On Wednesday I took the MA firefighter PAT and it was the top 3 hardest physical things I have ever done in my life.  Without your workouts, guidance and mental coaching, I would not have been the slightest bit prepared. The workouts were so specific to each portion of the test. On one particular event (all upper body) people were gassed and the majority of females could not complete it. I killed it.  …

The number 1 reason athletes should Olympic Lift

Force generation: Force generation is essential when we’re looking at sports performance. Most if not all of the sporting activities involve creating force from the ground up.   Examples include: Running, jumping, and throwing.   We can develop this in-game force production by accelerating a load (barbell or similar) up against gravity and creating force through the ground.    Olympic weightlifting allows us to do this in a controlled and incremental environment and develop that force production progressively and safely.   When we’re programming these lifts for athletes, we must remember we’re not trying to make them better at …

Help! I want to add more calories in my day.

Q: I’m finding it hard to increase my food intake throughout the day. I’m already eating 2,200 calories worth of food but want to take it upwards of 2,700, but I’m already having trouble even thinking about eating more.  A. If you happen to be keeping a food log, I would see if there is a higher caloric dense food you could replace something you normally eat with. For example, protein. If you eat a learner cut of meat, say a strip steak, try switching to a fattier type of meat like a ribeye steak because fat is …

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