Individual Design

Personalized coaching, proven results. Our ID program is designed for you, based on where you are today and where you want to go. Our targeted & customized approach allows our coaches to work with past injuries, health conditions, and much more.

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Why Individual Design?

Your own coach

Using TrueCoach, you’re held accountable, and your coach will track daily progress as well as constantly upgrade programming to match your evolving fitness journey.

Metrics will be tracked alongside other key performance indicators to ensure you’re getting to exactly where you want to go.

Personalized training program

Designed specifically to meet your goals and needs. Your program is the result of a series of assessments and goals analysis.

Your design is updated constantly based on your performance and ongoing dialog between you and your coach.

Monthly consults

Sit and talk with your coach each month for 30-minutes.

Common topics include updating goals, lifestyle habits or nourishment coaching.

You can also review your InBody scan (Whole Body Composition Analysis) to make sure you are on track for all of your goals.

Live coaching

Access to our high quality workout facility and high level coaching with our experienced and professional staff. Our flexible schedule lets you come in when it’s best for you, not a set class time.

Traveling? These can workouts can be done ANYWHERE. Just let your coach know ahead of time and you are all set.

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Simply put this is the best and most efficient way to meet all your health and fitness goals. The only thing stopping you is you. Talk to a coach to day and learn how we can help.
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