Ben Lavallee

Every month it is tough to choose a Member of the Month. Throughout the last 4 ½ years (omg!) there have been so many amazing members and it’s crazy when we pick a member of the month and realize how long they’ve actually been coming! That’s how we feel with April’s Member of the Month…Ben! Cannot believe it’s already been a year and a half! I still remember when both him and his wife, Danielle, had just started.

We feel very honored to have both Ben and Danielle as a part of this community. Even though they are both extremely hard workers in their professional and almost always traveling, both of them work hard to fit fitness into their lives! Ben has been such a wonderful example of “no excuses”. It’s always fun to catch up with him on Saturdays, hear about where he’s been the last week and about all the hotel WOD’s he fits in since he has to miss most the week. When he is in town, he’s always adding something to the workout. Whether it’s practicing double unders, pull ups, or the several strength exercises, he’s always going the extra mile to accomplish his goals. And it’s been so awesome to see him achieve those goals, which is all impart to his hard work and dedication.

As with all other Members of the Month, it’s also Ben’s amazing attitude that makes us want to spotlight him that much more. He’s always offering a helping hand and always has a smile on his face! Before I even was able enough to start putting my bar away yesterday, he already had it half broken down…then continued to put it away AND spray it down for me (which it definitely needed!). And he does that for so many others. I honestly believe that helping others is one of the greatest gifts you can do in life, and to see him be so encouraging and so helpful day in and day out, Ben truly makes not only this community, but the world a better place! 🙂 Although…he may hang around Kyle a little too much, since I have noticed sometimes their hair resembles each other(the peacock feathers in the back). 😉

Ben- couldn’t be more proud of the hard work you put in all the time to achieve all that you have! And we couldn’t be more grateful to have both you and Danielle as a part of this family. You both bring such a wonderful spirit to this gym!!

Here’s Ben’s story!

Hi all…

When I found out I was chosen as the member of the month I was quite shocked – clearly this is not an ability based selection!  I discovered CrossFit about 16 months ago when after grad school I realized I had added 38 pounds to my frame tipping the scales at 230lbs. (See the picture on the Great Wall…  Not sure what was worse.  The belly or the bag I was carrying).   I’m a pretty normal 38 year old guy who has a desk job and lots of excuses to not to work out but CCF has cancelled them out and when I’m on the road it is a lot of burpees and air squats but I always look forward to getting back and hitting the gym.

I’ll never forget finishing fundamentals with my wife Danielle and how challenging the simple work-out was and the smiling look on Kyle’s face after the short AMRAP had torn me apart…   This was nothing compared to the first full work-out I attended – the Filthy 50 – which crushed me physically and required significant modification to simply finish. While I thought about not going back I stuck it out. As the weeks went on I was shocked at way the training improved how I felt physically and mentally.  It transformed my goal-setting priorities to include things outside of work – my own health and well-being. I owe this to Cascade CrossFit. While I continue to chip away at my CrossFit goals I find it really cool to be part of something where more respect is given for working on your weaknesses than showcasing strengths. I’ve lost 35 pounds but more importantly, I have built some great connections with the people at the gym that keep me coming back every day I’m in town.  Admittedly, I’m completely hooked. We built a garage gym at home as back up when the work schedule gets in the way of making it to the gym but it is not the same as being in the mix at the gym.

The culture and people at Cascade CrossFit, in my opinion, make the experience so remarkable. I travel pretty consistently for work and have visited 30+ boxes around North America. I find that it is not the equipment, facility or the costs but the community that make the difference. The combination of Coaches and the members makes for an incredible experience. My work schedule varies which means I have had the benefit of attending a range of afternoon classes from 3:30 on during the week plus the weekend classes. Each class, no matter the time, is filled with really awesome and genuine people. There is something really cool and motivating about being around people in the gym who are there for all different reasons, working hard, and encouraging each other to do their best. You truly get what you put into your workouts and Cascade makes it really easy to give it all you have.  I’m not hard to find in the gym as I’m the guy with Whip marks on his legs working on double-unders, with hat head and yellow shoes…

Whatever brought you to Cascade I really hope you find what you are looking for and you find the experience as rewarding as I have.