Improve your body composition by just using weights! CrossFit MASS is excited to introduce L.I.F.T., a specialty class based on the German Body Comp (GBC) program. The GBC program is characterized by short rest intervals and multi-joint movements to generate maximum growth-hormone production. Not only does GBC result in greater fat loss than aerobic programs can produce, but it will not sacrifice strength and muscle mass – in fact, it can make you bigger and stronger. With aerobics, all you get is fat loss and weakness – why train your body to be weak? GBC is based upon the pioneering research by Hala Rambie, a Romanian exercise scientist who defected to West Germany. Rambie made the important discovery that the lactic acid pathway is better for fat loss than the commonly accepted aerobic pathway. Rambie found that high blood lactic levels decrease blood pH levels, which in turn sends a message to the brain to accelerate its production of growth hormone. Higher growth hormone levels increase fat loss. In addition to being great for anyone who wants to lose body fat, the GBC program is especially geared toward athletes because it develops muscular endurance. In contrast, aerobic training does little to improve endurance for most sports and will compromise strength and power – it’s even been shown that upper body aerobic training can compromise jumping ability. Led by coach Joe Venuti, class will run every Tuesday and Thursday. Class size is limited — so don’t miss out!