CrossFit Kids is geared towards a special population and the specific developmental needs of the children. It is not merely a scaled down version of CrossFit. We teach good movement and mechanics to create a better, more functional future for our kids.


  •  Research indicates that exercise can enhance scholastic performance.
  •  Exercise positively affects delivery of chemicals known as “neurotransmitters” to the brain. These chemicals aid  brain functions by countering negative effects of cognitive suppressing conditions such as anxiety and depression.
  •  We develop the vestibular system through gymnastics movements (rolling, handstands, cartwheels, push ups, etc.)  as well as hurdling jumping, running, and agility games. Olympic lifts are great for developing the vestibular system.
  •  Impact loading exercises are crucial in helping children boost bone mass. CrossFit Kids helps children bank bone  density for later in life by using box and broad jumps, jump rope, etc.
  •  Physical activities aid in the formation of memories.
  •  It’s fun!