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Here’s our chance to share the hard work and results our athletes have achieved.

I’ve been to a couple of crossfits in the past, and you guys were definitely the most knowledgeable, patient, and professional. It really showed – I mean I upped my PRs (personal records) in all of my exercises by leaps and bounds in just two months.

So, thanks for everything



Just wanted to drop you a note, got the results of lipid panel today
LDL 71 Down 20 points

HDL 45 Up 10 points
TRI 36 Down 21

TC 123 Down 16
Thanks for pushing me, all these were without any satins…!



Before joining Crossfit MASS, I would go to the gym a few times a week and putter around aimlessly. Once I chose to take my fitness seriously and I went to a free CrossFit intro session with the goal of learning how to lift weights safely. The first month of the “on ramp” program provided exactly what I was looking for. Each exercise was broken down and observed 1 on 1 with a trainer to ensure every student understood how to work target muscles while avoiding injury.

After 9 months at CrossFit MASS, the change has been nothing short of extraordinary. With the help of the very knowledgeable trainers as well as a better diet, I’ve lost 30 pounds while becoming stronger in every way. It’s amazing to look back in my journal to see the things I used to struggle with have now become (relatively) easy. That’s not to say the classes have become easy! Even after 9 months I’m still learning and being challenged every day.

Each class provides just the right balance of pushing your body towards its limits while respecting individual limitations (each workout offers scaling for varying abilities). CrossFit MASS also does a phenomenal job of offering support for people with injuries/special training goals. Open gym on Saturdays has allowed me to focus on my back squat form under the supervision of a trainer and has helped me push past a max weight I had been stuck on for months.



In the short time that I have been a member at CrossFit MASS, I have been challenged physically and mentally like never before. My core strength and speed have increased drastically and I was able to cut over two minutes off my annual physical fitness test run at work. Thank you to all the CrossFit coaches!



I started doing CrossFit in May and while at a pre-season ski-racing cam in Colorado last week, my coach was totally impressed with the increased strength that I had acquired. He said I had never been stronger and I owe it all to CrossFit MASS, Joe Venuti, and the coaches. Best decision I ever made – I love it! PS – it’s not only for young folks (I am in my 50’s)!



Perhaps my favorite thing about the gym is the welcoming atmosphere. CrossFit MASS accepts all comers provided that they are willing to challenge themselves and push each other to work hard. So if you’re looking to get in amazing shape and meet fun, like-minded people, I’d highly recommend CrossFit MASS.

~ RD


This morning wrapped up an awesome, awesome, awesome OCR training class at CrossFit MASS. Great coach, great workouts, great group of people. Couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made over the last 6 weeks. Definitely recommend this class to anyone training for an obstacle course race or just looking for a challenging and fun workout. Can’t wait for the next session to start!



The key to getting stronger is coaching that keeps you on track, safe, well designed, and adaptable to a variety of capabilities…..that is what you get here.